You know you can count on me for a weekly goat story.  Leave it to Spokane to spread a goat infection to Montana.  Here's the story I got from the Associated Press. (It never actually says how the infection is spread from goat to human, but this does bring an awesome image to my mind.)

Local, state and federal health and agricultural officials are investigating a bacterial infection called Q fever that apparently has spread from goats to humans.The Spokesman-Review reports it has sickened five people in the Moses Lake area with flu-like symptoms. Officials also have traced infected goats to Cascade and Teton counties in Montana where six people have been stricken.

Washington Agriculture Department spokesman Jason Kelly says goats at a Moses Lake farm that had trouble birthing in April were found to be infected with the Q fever bacteria. Goats from the Grant County farm have been traced to nine other counties in Washington: Spokane, Adams, Pend Oreille, Walla Walla, Franklin, Clark, Thurston, Kittitas and Chelan.