It all started as a superstition and developed into a lifestyle. I had to grow a beard for the 2011 elk hunting season. Just like some athletes don't shave for playoff games, or wash their underwear, because they think it is lucky. I thought growing a beard would increase my odds of bagging a beast, and I did. So after the 2011 season, I was faced with the decision on whether or not to shave it. I chose to keep it, and it has been a wild ride ever since.

Labor Day Weekend 2011 - Opening of Archery Season

The stubble was beginning to grow out into, what resembled a dirty face. It did allow me to use less face paint while bowhunting.

Rifle Season - Oct/Nov 2011

I was beginning to resemble a true mountain man. But would it help me bag my elk?

Late November 2011

Was it luck brought on by the beard? Or just a case of "being in the right place at the right time? Either way it paid off and I bagged my bull.

Halloween 2011

Some of the inspiration behind growing the beard came from the passing of the late/great star of Jackass, Ryan Dunn. I figured the beard would be a good fit for the costume.

Spring 2012

By May, it had gotten to a point of being a "legit" beard! Something to be proud of. Something you would wash, rinse and repeat.

Summer 2012

By June, I used my beard to console Angel as we bid her farewell. Its soft/steel wool texture was comforting in the hard time.

August 2012

In August I welcomed a little man to my bearded life and he didn't seem to mind. I think he actually liked the way it tickled his head, and how he could grab a hold of it at anytime for proper leverage.

Now the time has come to say farewell. It has been an eventful life we shared. I know we will meet again. Probably around fall 2013.