The Blaze Easter Keg is still out there. This could be your year to find it and score FREE BEER for a year. So far there are a total of 6 clues that have been released. 4 of them you can find here. The other 2 you need to find at The Lucky Strike.

With the promise of Free Beer still looming. I had to hook you up with yet another inspirational song to "hunt to." The song "Beer" from Reel Big Fish is a song you may remember from the movie "Baseketball" as the anthem for the "Milwaukee Beers" team. I also had the pleasure of interviewing Aaron from RBF a little over a year ago. I included a clip of that interview in today's post.

Reel Big Fish have always been one of my favorite ska bands and today's video shows them performing a live show while being extremely thirsty.