After the Foo Fighters' appearance with Mick Jagger on last weekend's season finale of Saturday Night Live, a bunch of videos surfaced from the after party. To my delight. The vids include SNL cast members doing covers with Foo guitarist Chris Shifflet's side project Chevy Metal. Amy Pohler did the Foo's favorite Joan Jett song, "Bad Reputation." Kristen Wiig, Jason Sudeikis and Andy Samberg covered "I Love Rock n' Roll" and Mick Jagger even did The Rolling Stones' "Miss You" and "Bitch."

Have I mentioned I would have jogged with socks full of broken glass all the way to New York to see this go down?

Here's a freakin' awesome skit that didn't make it on to that episode of SNL, I'm certain you can guess my favorite part.

And here's one of my all time favorite Dave Grohl skits where he gets socked in the face on SNL.

All this blogging about Dave, I feel like a junkie who just got a fix.

Foo Fighters have a few dates in June then they're taking July off so Dave can finish up his documentary on Sound City Studios.