We can always count on Toronto Mayor Rob Ford for a big fat dose of 'holy s**t, I'm messed up!"

This guy makes us feel better about our own bull crap. Sure you may have gotten blasted last night and barfed on your dog, but Mayor Rob Ford still looks worse than you do.

It all began last summer when Ford was busted buying crack and then admitted to not only doing crack, but smoking it on the job. Then there was the admission of drinking on the job. Oh and don't forget the time he was busted for DUI. And who didn't love the video where he goes bananas at a council meeting and rushes an older woman like an angry drunk rhino? It's been a long 7 months for the mayor, you gotta' wonder how much of it he actually remembers. Lucky for him, it's all documented all over the interwebs.

This time around, Mayor Drunkypants is caught on video going off on a alcohol fueled rant at a restaurant. And it's in some weird mix of Jamaican and English. Or at least I think that's what we're hearing. Dude likes to party, what can we say? You gotta' give it up for his brother, who tried to convince everybody that this video is old and not from this week.

Jimmy Kimmel was crackin' me up when he talked about it on his show. Although I didn't know Beiber was Canadian, he should have said Nickelback.