Yesterday was pretty monumental for me, I got to meet one of the coolest people ever and I believe one of the most talented to ever make music.

Adam Gontier, the singer of Three Days Grace, was in Missoula yesterday and put on a show with fellow artist Martin Sexton. Before the show, Adam stopped by The Blaze and talked to KC for awhile. It was then that one of my high school dreams came true. I was in a different studio recording my afternoon news and stepped out into the hallway. I looked down towards the Blaze studio and there he was, the man I had idolized for so long, taking pictures with KC and a few others.

I must have had a smile on my face that was ten miles wide and I could not hold in my excitement. I got to shake his hand and introduce myself, and I felt like a schoolgirl. This was the man whose lyrics got me through so many difficult times. He was a very nice guy and I'm sure he could tell I was nervous. I couldn't stop smiling. I had just met one of my heroes.

When I got home last night, I was inspired and felt like I had to write something. I started to write lyrics for a rock song and things were flowing very easily. It was an amazing feeling.

Do any of you guys have a cool story like this and want to share it? Being a rock and metal fan, I'd love to hear any great or weird stories of meeting rock gods.

Here's some Three Days Grace to bring in the weekend. Have fun, be safe!