Royal Bliss are set to take the stage tonight at the Lucky Strike. Earlier today our brothers from SLC stopped in to say "Hi." Check out the full interview. During their stop by the Blaze Studio, Royal Bliss shared with us a couple acoustic tracks.Including a new song off of their new album called "With A Smile."

Recently RB released a new video for their song "Crazy." Neal told “‘Crazy’ is a song that means a lot to me personally. It’s a hard one to sing sometimes. I wrote it originally about my son, and being away from him on the road. You really do miss out on a lot of moments that you can never get back. I now have two boys so it is double hard. I also have an amazing wife that has been a huge support for me. She is my other ‘Baby.’”

Check out the new video and don't forget to get your ass to the Lucky Strike. Show started at 7pm, but RB is planning to take the stage at 10:30p.