I couldn't believe it! Neal Middleton, lead vocalist of Royal Bliss, auditioned for NBC's The Voice.  I didn't know much or care about this show until now.  I had a friend call me last night almost to the point of freaking out that Royal Bliss had broken up, but I was in denial saying "No way! They just came out with another album (Waiting Out The Storm)! It can't be him!"  Upon further investigation,  yes it is Neal.  No, Royal Bliss is not spliting up (relieved sigh).  The band is actually very supportive of this move.  A recent Facebook post by the band reads: "So, if you haven't heard.. our very own Neal Middleton will be on The Voice tomorrow night. Be sure you tune in and check out his story!! We couldn't be more proud of him!!!"

This is a yay/nay situation for me personally.  YAY for Neal... NAY now I know Im going to be sitting in front of my TV watching The Voice every Monday night.  So if you want to join me.... The Voice will air tonight on NBC at 8/7 c.  Go Neal!