You'll begin to sprout a mullet and get the sudden urge to dig out your sleeveless jean jacket when you see this dude annihilate the record for solving a Rubik's Cube.  Blindfolded.  I didn't even know they were still doing this competition, last time I actually cared about who the current champ was, I had to pause my Space Invaders game to turn up the radio and find out.  So I almost didn't watch this vid, but I figured it's only a minute, what the Hell.

The room is perfectly quiet as everybody is taking the challenge, however that doesn't stop the kid behind the champ from expressing how impressed he is with a mouthed obscenity.  And how wicked awesome do you have to be to have the job of holding a piece of paper over the cube to ensure the contestant isn't peeking?  And you know it's this geeks dream job.

Apparently David Hasselhoff celebrated Marcell's win by getting crapfaced and dressing up as Hitler.  See for yourself.