At first I thought this was a parody commercial, not so much. This is for a real business in Reno, Nevada. A roller skating rink who's owner obviously has an excellent sense of humor. He hired a couple of funny dudes known for their online hijinks and this is how the ad turned out. LOVE it!

I know Missoula's Hellgate Rollergirls would definitely agree with the message of this video! Say no to crack, say yes to rollerskating.

The next HGRG bout is next weekend, Friday, May 4th. And get this, all of their summer bouts will be at the Missoula Fairgrounds! The super badass Brawlin' Mollies take on the Coeur d' Alene Hissfits for 'Cuatro de MAYhem' and seating is limited. Get advance tickets now at the Bike Doctor and Piece of Mind or online.
$10-GA/$15 trackside (suicide seating)/Kids 10 and under-FREE

I will be announcing again with Delicious Demon and naturally, we'll be encouraging you to say YES to rollerskating! See ya' there.