Thanks to all the listeners that sent in your stories.  There was everything from super sad to extremely sappy.  As promised, I pick out a few of my favorites...

Story 1: "Down the Hole" The night my husband, Matt, first proposed to me was our 2nd Valentine's day together.  I was getting ready to go out for dinner while Matt and  my brother joked around in the kitchen. All the sudden there was silence.  I peeked into the kitchen and the both turned around standing in front of the sink wide eyed.  Matt and I went to dinner but he kept getting up to use the phone. I was so confused and a little angry. Finally he sat down and proposed.  I later found out that while showing my brother the ring, he dropped it down the sink and the phone calls were telling him to get it out and bring it to him! (Carrie is still married to Matt)

Story 2: "Wrong Guy, Right Number" My girlfriend at the time sent me a text while we were on our date saying that she wanted to break up.  I put my phone back in my pocket and asked her what the deal was.  She acted like she didn't know what I was talking about. I showed her the text she just sent and she went silent.  Turns out she meant to send that text to some other guy she was seeing.  Hope they are miserable together.  (anonymous kicked that B**** to the curb!)

Story 3: "Bad Night With a Happy Ending" (I paraphrased this one) I knew he had something special planned when he said, “I’ll pick you up at 5. Wear something nice.” He showed up at my doorstep with a bouquet of roses. When we started driving up Lolo Pass, I got really curious about where he was taking me.  Lolo Steak House.  The place was so packed that we had to park outside of the lot. When I got out, my high heels sank into wet mud. As soon as he realized what had happened, my date scrambled to find some napkins in his car. While I cleaned my shoes, he ran inside to put our names on the list. There was a two-and-a-half-hour wait. We both decided it wasn’t worth it. I tried to remain optimistic. We’d find another restaurant. It could still be a good night.

Every single restaurant was booked. Finally, we gave up and settled on the one place that didn’t look full: Tower Pizza. Starving by this point, we quickly got out of the car. Flustered by the night’s events, my date jumped out without turning the car off. Then he locked the door from the inside and slammed it shut. Immediately realizing what he had just done, he froze. My jaw dropped. Before he had time to descend into panic, I led him inside, where we sat down and he called his roommate for  a spare car key. We devoured an entire pizza  and laughed about the night’s events. When the bill came, he pulled out a credit card and handed it to the waitress, who informed him that they didn’t accept cards. Luckily, I had cash on me, so we didn’t have to wash dishes for our meal, although that would have made this story even better. ( Brooke is still with this guy)