The creative minds at Kronos Kustoms can juice up a pair of Seahawks shoes for you, or maybe you'd like a pair of Broncos kicks. The possibilities are endless.

Kronos Kustoms

For years, my mom, who is a die hard 12th man, has been searching for a pair of Seattle Seahawks shoes. We found a couple of pair online, but one pair was custom made by a fan and were not for sale and the other pair were the Seahawks colors but not all that cool.

One day recently my mom says "You know who could figure out how to make my shoes? Kronos Kustoms!" Brilliant idea. Kronos specializes in customizing guitars and vehicles but this really proves that they can customize anything.

Order your custom shoes by calling Rich at (406) 370-0503 or check 'em out on Facebook. My next orders will be for Foo Fighters shoes and 96.3 The Blaze shoes for JC, KC and myself.