When I first heard about this I thought it was a joke. Painting the entire Space Needle gold? Yeah right, and I also believed it when they said space aliens were going to land on the 'M' during last year's Griz Homecoming Game.

OK, nobody ever said that about the 'M', but the Space Needle really IS orange right now. Or "Galaxy Gold" as it's officially known. Seattle is celebrating the Space Needle's 50th anniversary by restoring it's original color, it was just painted on Tuesday.

The Space Needle was originally constructed for the 1962 Seattle World's Fair, called "Century 21". The completion of the massive structure was a pretty amazing accomplishment at the time, as you can imagine, and was originally called "The Space Cage". It opened just in time for the fair.

So when you hit Seattle for concerts or vacations this summer, expect to see orange. I'm not totally sure how long it will stay this color but rumor says at least through the summer.

The Nirvana "Taking Punk To The Masses" exhibit is still on display at the Experience Music Project as well....I smell a road trip!