Back during the holiday season, I put out the call for help from you to gather items to ship over to our very own Montana National Guard unit in Afghanistan. Lots of you donated everything from tooth brushes to cash. We "passed the hat" a couple more times and, thanks to Nick and Logan from Bubs N Boards, we finally got some goodies heading to JC and the rest of the 495th.

JC recently sent her love from Afghanistan in an email saying

Hope everything is going great, I miss everyone!  I keep hearing about all the cool stuff going on in the local music scene and I wish I was there! Cant wait to get back! Things are going good here, keeping really busy!
BIG Thanks to:
Bubs n Boards
Walking Corpse Syndrome
The Dark Horse
Lacy Zee from Blue Coyote
The Shipping Depot
To all of you that helped send a little love to the 495th CSSB stationed in Afghanistan.