Even though Shinedown's new album "Amaryllis" is not due out until the 27th. The band has still managed to take the #1 spot in the "Active Rock" charts. The song "Bully" is the first single released off of the upcoming album and focuses on the nationwide issue of bullying. It has seemed to be in the headlines a lot recently. It is not like it is a new issue.  But with the addition of "online bullying." It has escalated a little from the past. It just comes down to how you deal with the issue.

Just think of Scott Farcas from the movie "A Christmas Story."

In a recent interview with Hard Drive XL, Shinedown's frontman, Brent Smith said : "People might misconstrue the message as fighting violence with violence. The best thing is to point out to the person "you are not worthless, you are not weak and that in numbers, with friends and family support, the "bully" will be outed and shunned."

Watch it and then watch it again. You don't see the kids ever hitting the "bully" in the video. What you do see is the kid confronting the bully and making him bow! And make a bully watch the video too!