Yes, I'm still on a concert kick this week. Does size matter for a live event? I've enjoyed some great, smaller shows at the Wilma. I had a really good time with about 15 other people watching System of a Down waaaaaaaay back when Sugar was just coming out (dive bar in Des Moines . . . the only people there were people who won tickets from the radio station). I also hear national sports commentators say that smaller venues like Washington Grizzy Stadium are louder than places that hold 3-4x as many people (e.g., the "Big House" in Michigan). That said, I'd imagine that being in a crowd of 500,000 to 1.6 million (crowd size estimates differ) in Moscow, back in 1991, with a line up that included both Metallica and Pantera in their prime would have been pretty cool. I remember seeing an interview with an artist from the show . . . can't recall which one . . . and he said 1) watching the crowd was just insane because those Russian kids had NEVER seen anything like this, and 2) the cops were pricks, because they had NO idea how to handle outwardly expressive citizens :-)