Well it's Thursday, and since the start of the week I've seen some pretty effed up stuff.  Especially with it being Valentine's week.  On Tuesday, the most disturbing V-Day e-card I received included a picture of an adorable little monkey going down on a very satisfied looking monkey friend at the zoo.  The receiver is lying on her back, arms all spread out...I guess I've just never seen that particular look on a monkey's face before.  ANYWAY...

The following videos are not disturbing in the scary movie way or even the "I accidentally walked in on my grandmother naked'' way, but they will leave you asking 'WTF?!'

Let's start with the dude who passes out any time he's tickled, even a little.

In light of Pat Sajak's recent revelation that he was drunk in some early Wheel of Fortune episodes, comes this new discovery which might be related. In this clip taken from an old episode, Sajak ends the show by dropping his pants.

Apparently it's still legal to drink and drive in Russia...ok maybe not.  Clearly these boys don't care either way.  Watch these crazy Russian a**holes go for a spin as the dude in back attempts to hang on to his giant jug of beer.  Party foul!!

February is Black History Month, a time to focus on African American culture and to celebrate their many achievements and contributions. Comedy troupe Improv Now believes that in order to properly celebrate Black History Month, you should get to know a black person. So they set out to make that happen in the ski resort town of Aspen, Colorado, where African Americans make up just 0.4 percent of the population.

"MOM! Come here, there's a black guy down here!!"  Holy s**t, I'm CTFU.

And if none of that disturbed you even a little, I want you to reflect on the final video today at lunch as you're munching down your tossed salad.