As we get ready for the upcoming "4/20" holiday. I have felt the urge to hook you up with some of the "stickiest of the icky."  The guys from Slightly Stoopid have graced us with their "blood shot" eyes a few times in the past. Some of you may(or may not) remember the last show at Big Sky Brewery this last summer. It was a good time.

The "4/20" party this year will take place this Friday at The Dark Horse. Demonlilly Entertainment presents A Balance Of Power, Rikshaw, Universal Choke Sign and Fallen Is Babylon. $7 dollars is all it costs to take in the 4 bands and the "Happiest Day Of The Year."

Speaking of "Happy", Enjoy today's Vidiot. The guys from "Stoopid" fill you in on a typical afterhours party with "2am."