I checked out a teaser trailer on Loudwire.com earlier. I couldn't figure out what the message Sid Wison was trying to get across. It was borderline disturbing trying to wrap my head around what the hell was going on. Luckily a couple hours later, Corey Taylor tweeted what the video was all about. But he still managed to be all "cryptic" about the damn thing.

Is it a NEW album? Is it a Sid Wilson Remix album? WTF? According to loudwire.com "Taylor spilled the beans on the release, saying it will be a greatest-hits package, but left another item, dubbed ‘HoGaB’ a mystery: “11 days till the meaning of HoGaB is revealed. And I believe 7.17.12 is when the Slipknot greatest hits album drops.”

Check out the teaser trailer. Just a warning, You may want to turn the volume down a little if there are any lil'uns in the room.