So much insanity with this weather, snow day on Friday, skiers stuck at Snow Bowl, avalanche in Rattlesnake.

Oh the irony.

I couldn't do my show on Friday because I couldn't get out of my drive way, props to JC and KC for making it to the station. It has been confirmed that this is the snowiest Missoula February in 75 years and I'd say this is the most debilitating snow storm we've had since 1996.

What I love about Missoula is that people are still out in shorts, still walking around town and definitely still getting out to make beer runs. Lots of people out there pushing stuck cars out, helping neighbors shovel, plowing snow for strangers and offering to shop for those who can't get out of their drive ways and parking lots. Missoula rocks!

Here are just a few photos that Blaze listeners sent in while we were all trapped inside. If you have pics to contribute email