Well this video made me weep first thing this morning. Army Sergeant Francesco Valenti surprised his daughter Alexa at her school in Stevensville yesterday.

Alexa is a kindergartener at Lone Rock School and at the end of the Tuesday school day, she thought she was attending an assembly to receive an award and gift for doing well in reading.

She was presented with a very large gift box wrapped in pink paper. She said later that she expected it to be a new bike or a huge doll, but that was not the case. Inside of the box was her daddy, who has been stationed in Korea for the past year and has only seen his daughter 10 times in the past two years.

In addition to Alexa's surprise, the entire school was surprised as very few people knew it was going to happen. Sergeant Valenti expects to be assigned to Fort Leavenworth in Kansas next month, and I'm sure his family is ecstatic to have him stationed closer to home.

THANK YOU to Sergeant Valenti for his service and to his family for their sacrifice.