2013 was full of live music here in Missoula. From the very start of the year, we were booked with concerts. Lots of great opportunities to get together with friends and enjoy some good shows. One of my fondest memories of 2013 was teaming up with Volbeat and Kronos Kustoms to help mend a families broken heart.

After the announcement that Volbeat was coming to town, we received this message via our Facebook fanpage.

On Dec 8, my husband, Ken Minch passed away. I am planning on getting tickets for his boys and I…
Ken absolutely loves Volbeat!!! and
has MADE EVERYONE he knew love them too. The boys took him to the
concert in Billings last year for Father’s Day.

Ken is/was one the coolest people to have known. He’s touched a lot of lives. Words just really can’t express how we all feel about him.

In honor of Ken, all of our friends will be attending the Volbeat
concert on March 20 in Missoula…… there will be at least 50 of
If there is anyway possible could you dedicate “Warrior’s Call” to
Ken. It would mean SOOOO much.
If it’s possible, please feel free write, email, call, or text… whatever.


We decided to take it a step further, than just a dedication. We arranged to get Ken's entire family backstage to meet the band before the show. Not only that, but Michael Poulsen dedicated a song to Ken on stage at the Wilma.