photo: Flickr / __Christian_

First, about the picture: Apocalypse is one of my favorite X-men characters, and given the date it seems appropriate that he get a nod (and how about a spot in an X-men move fer f**k sake??).

Anyhoo, a recent topic of discussion at the bar involved the soundtrack to the apocalypse. Naturally I'd nod to Slayer, who had the good sense to name their box set Soundtrack to the Apocalypse. I am torn, though, between the original Slayer version of Hell Awaits and the stellar Cradle of Filth cover . . . if I'm running for my life, or have some hope of survival in which adrenaline is key I'd go with Cradle (the instrumental beginning just churns), but if I had no hope of living I think I'd prop my feet up and groove to the Slayer version.

If nothing else, we can debate which song is better Saturday at the Apocalypse Survivor's Party . . .