STP has always held a small part of my music library. I have been a fan of the band since their 1994 album, "Purple." I remember using paper route money and riding my Huffy to the local record store and picking up the album back in 94', along with Soundgarden's "Superunknown" and Alice In Chains' "Self Titled", and jamming out to one of my first experiences with "Grunge." STP was on the borderline of "grunge", not like the Seattle bands. But I still enjoyed Scott Weiland's drug inspired lyrics.

For today's Vidiot pick I give you one of the videos I remember seeing a lot on MTV. The video for "Interstate Love Song" is summed up by as : "washed-out color effect throughout the majority of the video and features a long-nosed protagonist escaping from an unseen pursuer. The protagonist's nose grows longer throughout the video (similar to Pinocchio), to symbolize the theme of lying in the song lyrics. At the beginning of the video, an early 1900s silent film-esque clip of the pursuer and protagonist is shown."

It is another one of those ol' skool videos that I feel you need to see if you never have.

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