Stop me if you've heard this one...a goat walks into a record store,

no really a goat DID walk into a record store yesteray in Ammon, Idaho.  He followed a woman in and the clerk was like "sorry lady, no goats in the record store" and she's all "that ain't MY goat".  So they put the sucker in the bathroom and the goat's all "I was just trying to buy the #1 album in the country, "Wasting Light"!"  Poor little Foo goat.

Animal Control has been unable to find the goat's owner or where it belongs, so for now they've named him Beethoven and he's currently cozied up in the record store listening area with his very own copy of "Wasting Light".

True story.

*Disclaimer: This blog contains the word "goat" a minimum of 8 times, has no point and is only 89% true.

Good thing he was a chill goat, we know what can happen when you encounter a pissed off goat.