customer reviews never fail to crack us up. I think it all started with the three wolves shirt and went downhill from there.

And by "downhill" we mean "way uphill". The latest reviews that have us in stitches are for a 5 pound bag of sugarless gummy bears.The "Customer Questions & Answers" are just the icing on the sugarless cake of the "Most Helpful Customer Reviews."

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I fricken' LOVE gummy bears, I find it sad that they are available sugar free. That's like offering sugar free Jäger. Hell NO. As much as anybody loves gummy bears, does anybody really need 5 sugar free, diarrhea inducing pounds of them? Five pounds. That's more than you need to serve a party of 800 sugar hating lame party guests.

Here's more on why it's just a bad idea to order this special amount of yucky gummy bears at Amazon.