My wife and I took a not-so-typical cruise for our honeymoon. Instead of going someplace south/warm, we took a cruise of Atlantic Canada. Totally peaceful trip, except for time spent on the boat. It was chaos. People everywhere, full food lines, pools overflowing with fat Bostonians and New Yorkers . . . I remember thinking "there is no way a cruise could be more insane than this."

Turns out I was wrong.

(my wife will tell you this is a common occurrence)

I was totally sad to read this article on Blabbermouth, reviewing (as in, this already happened) the Barge to Hell 2012 . . . 40 bands on a cruise ship. Instead of mingling with fat people from the northeast, I could have mingled with Kreator, In Flames, and Lacuna Coil (Cristina. Bikini. Nuff Said).

So I'm all sad and mopey UNTIL I see a similar event happening in late January. 70000 Tons of Metal. Not sure what your bank account / nest egg / birthday money situation is, but damned if this doesn't look like a good excuse to ditch Montana winter for a few days.

A casual perusal of YouTube reveals many videos from the Barge to Hell trip. This one is my favorite because 1) It's f**king Exodus, and 2) they're in tuxes (formal attire on a cruise ship is occasionally required).