Fat Mike of NOFX Kicks Fan In Face During Show [VIDEO]
NOFX will always be one of my all time favorite bands, and they continue to keep punk music alive to this date. Video has recently surfaced online of a incident that took place during a NOFX show in Sydney Australia. In a music scene that is no stranger to epic mosh pits and skanking, the artist the…
Drunk Pig Picks A Fight With a Cow
If it sounds like the beginning of a dumb joke, it is not. Recently, a story has surfaced in Australia, of a group of hikers who discovered a pig drinking all of their beer and going on a rampage. Destroying the campsite and eventually turning it's attention to an innocent cow.
Titanic 2 (Replica of Titanic) to Set Sail in 2016
Why would anyone want to make a replica of a boat famous for sinking? It is like someone making a replica of the Hindenburg Blimp and asking people to jump aboard. Even if they improved the design to not create a tragic disaster, you would still think that the boat was cursed.