Dramatic Ending for Sydney Hostage Situation [Video]
The hostage situation in Sydney finally came to an end Monday after about 16 hours.
Police stormed Lindt Chocolate Cafe at Martin Place when they heard a gun go off, and then the hostages ran out.
Three people were killed, including the gunman, and some were injured, Sydney's Seven News reported.…
Fat Mike of NOFX Kicks Fan In Face During Show [VIDEO]
NOFX will always be one of my all time favorite bands, and they continue to keep punk music alive to this date. Video has recently surfaced online of a incident that took place during a NOFX show in Sydney Australia. In a music scene that is no stranger to epic mosh pits and skanking, the artist the…
Drunk Pig Picks A Fight With a Cow
If it sounds like the beginning of a dumb joke, it is not. Recently, a story has surfaced in Australia, of a group of hikers who discovered a pig drinking all of their beer and going on a rampage. Destroying the campsite and eventually turning it's attention to an innocent cow.
Titanic 2 (Replica of Titanic) to Set Sail in 2016
Why would anyone want to make a replica of a boat famous for sinking? It is like someone making a replica of the Hindenburg Blimp and asking people to jump aboard. Even if they improved the design to not create a tragic disaster, you would still think that the boat was cursed.