Baristas Local Babe of the Day – Jolei
Jolei is part of the sexy team at Baristas coffee stand, located just outside of Grizzly Harley Davidson. Jolei is fun, outgoing, friendly and sassy. She enjoys being fit, living a healthy lifestyle and giving you a unique coffee experience...
My Hot Barista Run in With Another Girl
It's common for me to give someone three shots at once. I often pay for things worth more than $20 in all ones. I've learned to make conversation with strangers for uncomfortable amounts of time. All these skills I've learned from my job.
Baristas 2013 Calender – Missoula Hottie Makes the List
You know when you need that extra jolt of "pick me up" in the morning? Something to make your eyes open? Well, Baristas Coffee Co. does just that. You not only get the coffee you crave, but also a pleasant piece of eye candy.