Bear Puts Hamilton Middle School in Lock Down
Hamilton Middle School went into lock down mode this morning, October 7, because of a bear.
According to FWP Wildlife Management Specialist Jamie Jonkle, the incident is due to a bear cub that climbed an apple tree near the school.
Children were not allowed outside for recess and were escorted from bu…
Bear Does Tries to Belly Up to The Bar [VIDEO]
Can't a bear enjoy a beer? I guess not after watching the following surveillance footage. A bear in Juneau Alaska tried making a stop at the local bar for a drink, but was immediately asked to leave.
Ridiculous Bear Safety Video
Statistics show that we here in Western Montana are likely to have an encounter with a bear. What do you do if you happen to run into one? See a short instructional video on how to handle a close encounter.
New Mexico Man Fist Fights a Bear
A 66 year old man got into a fist fight with a black bear, and won. After being woken up by the sound of a pet goat in distress, Henry Ostrander of Valle Escondido, New Mexico found a black bear attacking his goat. Needless to say “the gloves came off.”
Grizzly Attacks Montana Elk Hunter
Searching for elk isn't easy. Hunters spend days on end scanning the treelines and brush for a glimpse of brown or tan. Spotting an elk is the first step to bagging an elk. Once spotted, some hunters use calls simulating an elk to try and lure elk out in the open. The only issue is, humans are …
Spring Hunting Is Coming – Montana Outdoor Update
Time to get your gear out and make sure it is ready to go for some Spring hunting. I have to make it a point to shoot by bow a bunch this weekend, so I am sure I can still possibly hit something with it. Turkey season kicks off 4/14 and Spring Bear is 4/15...
Get Your Gear Together – Montana Outdoor Update
You have been sitting on your ass for the majority of 2012 so far. It is time to start getting your gear organized and ready for your spring activities. Turkey season is sneaking up on us. As well as spring bear hunting. When was the last time you shot your bow...