Worst Newspaper Misprint Ever
I make mistakes all the time, and I will admit that. But I don't think I have ever had a mess up like what happened in the newspaper from Korea the Korea Times. After Tuesday night when the Chicago Blackhawks won Lord Stanley's Cup, the wrong team from the windy city got the congratulation…
HIs Wife Has Bear Hair
My husband is a born and bred true Montanan. He loves and lives to fish, hunt, hike and enjoy the outdoors. During our married life, I have learned just how deep his obsession goes with this beautiful place we are lucky enough to call home.
True Montana Pole Dancing
Have you ever been to a strip club? Well, I have not. So, I have often wondered what really goes on inside those places. No doubt they are filled with scantily clad ladies twirling their unmentionables and throwing them into a crowd of jeering men...