Weekend Bender March 29 & 30
Welcome back to the Weekend Bender! This is your ticket for iSide and voting for Round of Underground. If you missed last weekend, here is what I like to do:
The Juveniles, 2 Foot Titan – Local Shows
Forget last week, there wasn't much going on. This week however looks to be promising! There is a show almost everyday of the week this time if you include the not so local Hell or Highwater / The Used concert coming up on Thursday. What I'm amazed at is all the touring bands coming throug…
J.C.’s Going Away Party with The Sammus Theory and Cage9
That's right, I'm leaving.  I have been a member of the Montana Army National Guard since 2008 and it is my turn to serve abroad. I am leaving early November and will not return for almost a year. I am excited to deploy with my unit, but I am sad I have to leave Missoula...