Massive Fire Tornado in Colorado [VIDEO]
It is fire season here in western Montana. For us, we are used to the thought of living with smoke. It is almost like a fifth season. But, other parts of the U.S. are also experiencing wildfires. A video has surfaced on the web of a fire in Colorado that developed into a fire tornado...
Colorado’s New Board of Tourism Commercial [VIDEO]
It is safe to assume that the tourism industry in Colorado is booming just as big as the marijuana industry. I am willing to bet that since January 1st, people have been booking flights to Denver, just to smoke ganja. But just in case, a new ad encouraging tourist to visit, has hit the web.
Boulder, Colorado Neighborhood Holds Vigil for Dead Elk
I swear the people are running out of things to complain about. Gun violence and gun control has been a topic all over the news recently, but residents in Boulder Colorado are outraged by a neighborhood elk being euthanized by a police officer.