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Comedy Central to Roast James Franco Next
On the occasions in which Comedy Central puts someone outside the realm of comedy to roast, as most recently with comedienne Roseanne Barr, we always hope they deserve it. Thankfully, this year will hold true as the cable network has seated 'This Is the End' star and "Academy Award-nominated ac…
Comedy Central’s ‘Ugly Americans’ Cancelled
As Comedy Central prepares to launch the final (ish) season of 'Futurama' on June 19, we've learned another animated series of the cable network has officially gone gently into that good night. After two seasons, the animated horror-comedy 'Ugly Americans' has officially clo…
President’s Day: Obama Loses It [VIDEO]
I am still not sure why this holiday was created. I guess it is just a reason to get a 3 day weekend. I know that Washington's birthday is in Feburary. And he chopped down a cherry tree when he was little. But that is about all I know.

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