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Happy 4/20 Blazers!
Holy crap! Our resident stoner called in sick today, you HAVE to hear this voice mail.
Slightly Stoopid “2am” – Vidiot
As we get ready for the upcoming "4/20" holiday. I have felt the urge to hook you up with some of the "stickiest of the icky."  The guys from Slightly Stoopid have graced us with their "blood shot" eyes a few times in the past. Some of you m…
Sammus Theory Interveiw [AUDIO]
The FULL interview from Thursday night... we talked about the regular stuff AND gater wrestling and a connection to another band you might know...
Local Shows 3/19-3/24
Walking Corpse Syndrome is unveiling their new lead vox and Mahamawaldi makes their return!
Stuff To Do This Week In Missoula
You can hear "Radio Activity" on The Blaze Morning Show weekdays at 7:30am.
If there's anything you'd like to add to this list please email angel@963theblaze.com
Rock karaoke at the Dark Horse
B-ball, UM Vs. Weber State Wildcats, winner will host the men's …
Local Shows Jan. 16- Jan. 21
Like I said on Sunday, there are A LOT of local shows happening this week! Next week is looking promising as well.
Last week I went to the VFW to see Spirit Hole (ex Volumen), The Juveniles, Throne of Lies, and Reptile Dysfunction.  Awesome show...

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