Demolition derby

2013 Demolition Derby Recap – Our 5 Favorite Texts
We are still smelling like exhaust and scraping the mud out of our teeth, from the recent demolition derby at the Western Montana Fair. During the fair, yours truly and the tallest DJ in America, were your announcers on the PA. We asked you to text us messages to be read over the speakers. It soon b…
2013 Western Montana Fair Demolition Derby [PREVIEW]
Nothing screams "AMERICA!" like 2-ton paper weights smashing into each other. It is the time of year where the smell of exhaust and coolant fill the air, and the demo derby delivers carnage to the Western Montana Fair.
2012 Western Montana Fair Demolition Derby – Recap [VIDEO] [PHOTOS]
Nothing wraps up a hot fair week like a little metal on metal carnage. The smell of coolant and burning oil filled the air Sunday afternoon as the cars lined up for a battle to the death. The event was sponsored by the Townsquare Media family, and myself, as well as "Tallest DJ" Aaron Tray…