An Answer to Why We Get Sick More in Winter [VIDEO]
Ever since I witnessed my first co-worker "sniffling," I have been on the lookout for any symptoms of getting sick. It is cold and flu season, but have you ever wondered why we seem to get sick more in winter than summer?
New Documntary Studies Polar Bears During Blizzards
I love watching some of the HD nature documentaries that have been released recently. I noticed that the Discovery channel has now got a new show about Africa. One of my favorites was the recent documentary called "Frozen Planet." A show that gave us a look into the life of the majestic po…
Ski with Glen Plake and His Mohawk at Discovery
Glen Plake is known all over the world for his skiing skills. He is probably more well known for his crazy ass mohawk. The legendary skier will be making an appearance at Discovery ski area on Monday 1/14, thanks to Elan Skis and Bob Wards.