Staind Welcomes Sal…The Drum Tech [VIDEO]
A lot of bitchin and fighting went down during the recording of Staind's new album. So much so, that after the completion of the album. Drummer , Jon Wysocki, quit. The band was left with the dilemma of "who can fill Jon's shoes". They decided to bring on Jon's …
Five Finger Death Punch–Jeremy Spencer Interview [AUDIO]
The man behind the FFDP drum kit, and the amazing rig you see here, called in to the Blaze Morning Show on Monday.  If you missed it, here's Jeremy talking about the new FFDP "class rings" they just got, the Revolver Magazine photo shoot, what a click track is and re…
Who’s That With A7X?
That would be their new touring drummer, Arin Ilejay.  Dude used to be in a christian rock group called Confide.