Where to Go for Easter Brunch in Missoula
So you've got the whole family together for Easter weekend and you're looking to take them out for brunch on Sunday. Whatever will you do? Well, coming here was a good start. Here are five local Easter brunches you could choose from:
Easter Activities Around Missoula
Are you looking for something to do with the family this Easter weekend? Missoula has you covered. There are so many fun events and activities taking place that your hardest decision will be choosing which one to go to first!
Egypt Central “White Rabbit” – Vidiot
Happy Easter! Thanks to everyone who brought the "Tri-cycle motors" out to the Easter Treat Hunt yesterday. It was "GOOD TIMES!" Today we celebrate Spring and, for the Christians in the house, the resurrection of" Big J." Western society has…
Bad Religion “American Jesus” – Vidiot
With Easter on the way. We cannot help but take a time out to ponder "How the s#!t Big J happened to come back to life." It is like some crazy plot off of a zombie movie. But that is what Easter is all about. According to the Bible via Wikipedia...
Duck Breast Salad – Montana Outdoor Update
Easter is on the way. And it is one of "those holidays" where you may find yourself gorging on food. My favorite Easter dish is, ham and scalloped potatoes. Mmmmmmm. With Spring, also brings fresh food. You will find a lot more healthy items on the table during Easter dinner as com…
Confessions of a Lent Failure
This week marked the beginning of Lent, a time when millions of people around the world sacrifice life's luxuries in honor of their faith. But how many will make it to Easter?
Easter Keg Hunt
The 11th Annual Blaze Easter Keg Hunt is ON
Listen for 3 clues every weekday, if you miss any they'll be posted nightly at the Lucky Strike from 5pm to close ONLY, for that day only.  Get a new clue weekdays 6-10am, 10a-2p & 2p-7p.  ...
Easter Treat Hunt- April 23rd, Missoula Fairgrounds
Check out our Easter Treat Hunt this Saturday at the Western Montana Fairgrounds.  Whistle blows at 10:30 for all 4 age groups.  There will be treats for children from 0-12 years… Sno-cones, jumping fun, robo surfer, pics with real bunnies and so much more...