New Manufacturing Business to Open in Bonner [AUDIO]
This news release provided by Missoula Economic Partnership
ALCOM to Open Manufacturing Facility in Bonner
Fast-growing trailer maker expects to hire 60 workers, grow to 200 in two years.
BONNER, MONT. — One of America’s fastest-growing and most respected brands of aluminum trailers will soon be made i…
Craft Beer Benefits Montana’s Economy [AUDIO]
Montana’s 33 craft brewers represent a growing sector of manufacturing activity in the state, according to a new survey and economic impact study by researchers Colin Sorenson and Todd Morgan of The University of Montana Bureau of Business and Economic Research.
Gas Prices Bucking Historic Trend, Staying High
Traditionally, the cooler months of the year bring a downward slide in gas prices.
Not so this year, however, as September closed with prices flat-lined for nearly three weeks in a row. The average gas price in Montana is still stuck at $3...

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