End Of The World

NASA Says The World Will Not End Tomorrow
People have been freaking out about the end of the Mayan calendar for years. Well that day arrives tomorrow, and we are still alive. NASA recently tried to put our minds at rest by debunking all of the 2012 apocalypse scenarios.
If We Are All Going to Die, How Would You Like It to End?
The day is getting closer - the end of the Mayan calender, otherwise known as "Doomsday." People have been freaking out about the date. For years, those History Channel shows about the apocalypse have made me paranoid that it is all going to end on Friday.
Countdown to the Apocalypse – 12 Days -Guns
No one knows how the world is going to end, but rumor has it the end is near. You shoudl educate yourself on how to survive the apocalypse when and if it arrives. What better way to learn about protecting yourself from a zombie apocalypse than from a pair of hot chicks.