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A Million Ways to Die in The West – Red Band Trailer [NSFW]
Yesterday during the Super Bowl, I saw a commercial for a new Seth MacFarlane movie. In the commercial, one of his characters "TED" and Seth, talked about how they couldn't show the movie trailer for their new movie. They said it was because the censors thought it "wa…
10 Best ‘Family Guy’ Quotes
Characters as offensive as those on 'Family Guy' are bound to make for some memorable dialogue. Peter's idiocy alone could fill volumes. We've parsed it down to these ten funny quotes from the show, because we had to set the limit somewhere. Enjoy!
The 10 Hottest Women Ever on ‘Family Guy’
A couple months ago, we showed you the 10 Hottest Women on ‘The Simpsons’. We failed to include leading lady Marge who has a Playboy cover and a Maxim spread under her belt. Despite those credentials, Marge just doesn’t do it for us – maybe it’s the hair or her unflatte…