New Fishing Restrictions Hit Western Montana This Weekend
On Saturday, Western Montana will be hit with some extra fishing restrictions because of the warm weather.
"What we are looking at is what are called 'hoot owl' fishing restrictions on just the upper Clark Fork River and Silver Bow Creek," said FWP Public Information Offic…
Free Fishing in Montana for Father’s Day Weekend
Nothing says "father's day" like fishing. The Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks understand that father's day is all about spending time with Dad. That is why they are allowing anyone who wants to fish in Montana, to do so without a license.
According to the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks web…
5 Things to do on the First Day of Summer
The first day of summer is almost here. Or as the Hippies and Pagans call it, “The Solstice.” It is the longest day of the year. Which means don't freak out when you leave an after hours party and the sun is coming up. Here is a list of 5 things I like to do to celebrate the first d…

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