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Study Lists Top Ten Montana Roadways for Animal Collisions
With deer, elk and antelope on the move, Montanan’s are used to seeing animal collisions and carcasses on the roadways. Recently, The Center for Large Landscape Conservation did a study to find out which 10 mile stretches of road were the most dangerous.
Flathead Lake Home is One of Montana’s Most Expensive
It turns out it is a buyers market! This $59,500,000 home that sits atop a solid granite foundation on a 24 acre island on Flathead Lake is discounted from $78,000,000 and is still the most expensive in the state!
The house has five bedrooms and 8 bathrooms in the main house...
Final Days Of A Record Breaking “Mack Days” -Montana Outdoor Update
This year could be a record breaking year for the Spring Mack Days up on the Flathead. Sunday marks the close of this years event and their are still plenty of fish to be caught. Including some of those tagged fish we have talked about. Those could score you a BIG cash prize if landed...
Spring Mack Days Going Strong – Montana Outdoor Update
I may not have won the MEGA Millions last week. But that doesn't bother me too much. I know that there is still the possibilty of winning some serious cash if I could only manage to hook into one of the tagged fish they have swimming in Flathead Lake...

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