An Answer to Why We Get Sick More in Winter [VIDEO]
Ever since I witnessed my first co-worker "sniffling," I have been on the lookout for any symptoms of getting sick. It is cold and flu season, but have you ever wondered why we seem to get sick more in winter than summer?
Flu Shot Prices Vary Greatly in Missoula
With the first cases of influenza being reported this week, health officials are asking the public to get flu shots. However, shoppers in Missoula will find wildly varying prices depending on where they shop.
7 Simple Natural Cold Soothers and Cures
This time of year is filled with the sniffles and the sneezes. My boys have been coughing and hacking for the past couple months. It seems that as soon as one gets well, the cold has moved on to the next one. Pretty soon the whole family has had a cold for a month. If at all possible, I like to trea…
Where to Get Flu Shots in Missoula
With the widespread flu epidemic, people who haven’t already got their flu shots are scrambling to do so now. The Centers for Disease Control is recommending everyone get a flu shot this year. Both New York and Boston have declared a public health emergency due to the high number of flu cases.…

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