Foozoola Setlist
3 hour, 28 song set...holy Hell!
A sincere thank you to everybody who supported this show and made for another kick ass rock crowd.  Even you, guy standing behind me yelling all the wrong lyrics at the back of my head and you, leprechaun dancer to my right, who clearly scored some killer st…
FOOZOOLA: Day Of Show Checklist
Every concert has a certain amount of preperation in order to make your Rock Experience reach its full potential. After many good experiences at shows and a handfull of bad ones, I have compiled a simple checklist to help you Blazers ensure your FooZoola experience is EPIC!
Foo Finder WINNERS!!!
Nobody said this thing was gonna be easy. The items that Angel posted for you to go out into the world and find were not only creative, but down right frustrating. Somehow, Ashley and Amanda pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and Got.It...
Foo Finders
The 11th & final item will be announced on air, Tuesday between 1 & 2pm.

You...9 of your buddies...a hundred dollar bar tab & one of the most kick ass rock shows in Missoula history.
One new item will be posted daily, don't bring all of this stuff to us now…