grand theft auto

Live Action Grand Theft Auto…In Lingerie [VIDEO]
People keep trying to blame the increase in violent crimes on video games. While I agree that games like Grand Theft Auto can be violent, it is not to blame for mass shootings and car jackings. If there has to be psychopaths opening fire in crowded areas, they can at least be hot and wearing lingeri…
See Some Nerd Rage Over GTA V
Social skills and nerd should never be used in the same sentence. With all the hype over the release of the latest edition to the Grand Theft Auto franchise, nerds are coming out of their dark basements to retrieve their copy.
Grand Theft Auto 5 Released in Stores Today
The fifth installment of the GTA saga has hit stores today. I am pretty excited to check out the new game. The Grand Theft Auto series has always been mind blowing, and seems to get better and better with each release. Check out the trailer, highlighting the new characters in the new installment.