Check Out ‘Smoke Song’ by Missoula Musician Bob Wire
When I left my house this morning in Lolo, I walked outside and the first thing I noticed was the smell of smoke. Which automatically made me think of a song I heard for the first time yesterday. The song is called 'Smoke Song' it is talks about dealing with the smell of smoke and how the …
Win This Sick Custom Guitar From Kronos Kustoms
963 The Blaze have teamed up with Kronos Kustoms and Rocky Mountain Hardcore to bring you the Jagermeister Monster Mash on Thursday (10/25). The show is FREE but you may want to bring some cash in order to hook up a raffle ticket and win this gorgeous custom guitar from Kronos Kustoms.
Angel’s Rock Report–Stolen Make-a-Wish Guitar [Audio]
Shinedown are gearing up to release their fourth album this spring. Frontman Brent Smith and producer Rob Cavallo are almost done mixing the project, and the first single, "Bully," will be out on January 3rd.
Shinedown will be heading to Europe in February for their first shows in m…
A7X Guitar Winner
Thanks to everybody who submitted a "Bat Country Christmas" story, you guys cracked us the eff UP!!  Mostly "self pleasure" type expected.  Congrats to Scott Stoll, he won with this rad little ditty which included all of the required words, which were:
Bat Country
Avenged Sevenfold Autographed Guitar
Alright A7X fans, put on your creative caps (by "put on your creative caps" I mean "smoke whatever you have to"), we're looking for your best "My Bat Country Christmas" stories.
In 300 words or less (we get bored quickly), write a story title…