This Guitarist Is at the Wrong Show [Video]
Sometimes, musicians get really into their music.
This rocker is playing a gig with his sweet band mates. They seem to be a bit more chill than he is, but he is working his hairography as much as possible.
This guy may need to see a chiropractor with the way he is whipping his hair...
HIs Wife Has Bear Hair
My husband is a born and bred true Montanan. He loves and lives to fish, hunt, hike and enjoy the outdoors. During our married life, I have learned just how deep his obsession goes with this beautiful place we are lucky enough to call home.
J.C. Looses Hair Over Deployment
No, I did not freak and pull it out but I figured that chopping off the mane would make it alot easier to deal with for the year that I will be gone. Guys in the Army, much less guys in general, don't get how much work it is to comb out and care for long locks, and if you plan on styling i…