Elk Calling Tips For The Montana Rut [VIDEO]
This weekend, is traditionally the height of the rut for Montana elk. The bulls are going crazy. It is time to get out and pretend to be "Dr. Dolittle." You have to learn how to talk like the animals before you can speak their language.
3-Year-Old Boy Is Just As Excited As I Am To Use His New Bow and Arrow
Getting real eager to get out of town and on the road to my hunting camp, for the opening of Montana's archery season tomorrow. In my 18 years of archery hunting, the day before the season opener is like Christmas eve. I am super excited to dust off my bow, but not as excited as the 3 year old …
Missoula Company Makes Exploring the Outdoors Easy
Hunting GPS Maps has created a new way for you to know exactly where you are at all times. One of the downsides of public land hunting, is knowing where public land ends and private land begins. In Montana, you are required to know where you are at all times. If you are found on private land, you ca…
Missoula Man Collects Donations to Help Buy Hunters Wolf Tags
The wolf hunting debate continues. It drives me insane to hear the amount of people who try to argue the topic with big words and statistics. The pro wolf hunting and anti wolf hunting folks around the nation are itching for a fight. Jason Maxwell is taking a stand, and doing what he can to support …
One Lucky Family Draws Two Amazing Hunting Tags
Just in case everyone in Missoula hasn’t heard yet, my husband drew a mountain goat tag. I’m not sure how there could possibly be anyone left in this town who hasn’t heard, as he has been on the phone nonstop since he found out.
HIs Wife Has Bear Hair
My husband is a born and bred true Montanan. He loves and lives to fish, hunt, hike and enjoy the outdoors. During our married life, I have learned just how deep his obsession goes with this beautiful place we are lucky enough to call home.
Hunter’s Safety – A Rite of Passage
If you have a child that is 11 years of age or older, they are eligible to take the hunter education course that is required by the state in order to purchase a hunting license. Due to a law passed in 2003, all people born after the January 1, 1985 must show a certificate of completion for this cour…
Are Dangers Lurking in Your House? They are in Mine
Does anyone else live in a house filled with dead animals? I’m sure that I can’t be the only one, given the fact that hunting and fishing are ways of life around here. In my kitchen alone there is an elk head, a moose head, 15 deer shed and a pot rack made from elk sheds. My living room is even wor…

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